Private Lessons

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  • Each private lesson lasts 20 minutes

  • Lessons are available every day of the week. Check our schedule.

  • We provide lessons for all ages, levels, and abilities.

  • A private lesson is one of the major parts of fencing practice for all levels - from beginners to top athletes.

  • Our private lessons are designed to provide focused, one-on-one instruction, while guiding students to develop their skills and reach their individual goals.

  • A coach constantly assesses the student's needs and helps develop tactics that complement their individual skills.

  • A coach simulates various combat situations and creates the necessary distance in order for the student to make the correct split-second decision.

  • The correction of foot and blade work also takes place during an individual lesson.

  • Lessons may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations and no-shows may incur a fee.

To Order:

  1. Check the private lesson schedule to find a convenient and open slot.

  2. Contact your coach via e-mail or phone to order a class



Coach Al


  • Saber - all levels

  • Foil - all levels

  • Epee - all levels

Coach Vitaliy

(201) 554-5859

  • Saber - all levels

  • Foil - beginners

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