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About Integrity Fencing Studio

What is Integrity Fencing Studio?

Integrity Fencing Studio is so much more than just a fencing club; it's a close-knit family where every student is valued and cherished. Our studio is a place of warmth and camaraderie. We don't just train together; we celebrate special moments like birthdays, support each other in every match, and cheer loudly for our teammates in competitions. It's a home where friendships are forged and victories are shared.

Why Choose a Studio Over a Club?

Our studio is inspired by the French 'atelier', where personalization and individual attention are key. We're not about mass production; our focus is on nurturing each fencer's unique skills and strengths. Here, every lesson is tailored to meet your personal fencing goals, ensuring that your journey in fencing is as unique as you are.

Why is Integrity Fencing Studio the Best Choice for Your Child?

At Integrity Fencing Studio, we offer a diverse range of classes for students from ages six to high school seniors, ensuring that there's a perfect fit for every age and skill level. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience from both national and international arenas, and we're well-versed in teaching all types of weapons and levels of fencing. We also extend a warm welcome to college students and seasoned fencing veterans looking to refine their skills through private lessons. Conveniently located near Route 10, I-78, Route 24, and The Mall at Short Hills, our studio is easily accessible for all your fencing needs.

Meet Coach Al - The Heart and Expertise Behind Our Studio

With decades of experience in the fencing world, Coach Al stands as a pillar of knowledge and expertise. His journey in fencing is not just about the years but the depth of his experience. Having coached numerous national finalists, he is revered as one of the most knowledgeable and skilled coaches in the sport. Under his guidance, fencers don't just learn the sport; they master it.

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Highlighted Reviews

Integrity Fencing Studio made a fabulous birthday party for our two boys and friends. From the moment we arrived (and we were early!) to the moment we left, the kids were engaged in fast-paced, fun, challenging activities.

The instructor was fantastic! He kept the kids' attention in group activities and also gave each child special attention as he or she trained and prepared for fencing. It was amazing to see how a group of 8, 9 and 10 year olds came in with no knowledge of fencing and by the end of the party, they knew their weapons, safety rules and enough technique to get in there and bout! The facilities were immaculate and perfect for an active party followed by cake.

It couldn't have been better! Thank you so much Coach Al Girof, Coach Vitaliy and Coach George!

- K.R.

My children are proud to be members of Integrity Fencing Studio. Alisher and Vitaliy are excellent coaches who are dedicated to the development of their students. They are truly passionate about fencing and sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with their students. My boys always look forward fencing at Integrity!!!

I highly recommend this fencing studio.

- W.G.

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