Group Classes (Saber)

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Group classes are designed for fencers who would like to continue to learn of sport of fencing and be competitive in the local and national events

Group Class Activities

  • Special fencing games 

  • Stretching with explanation of specialty for sport of fencing 

  • Special tactic games 

  • Foot work and blade work 

  • Tactic, blade and footwork drills 

  • New topic of rules, tactic and strategy of fencing bout 

  • Blade handling technique 

  • Offensive and defensive strategy 

  • Mission fencing under coaches' control



Gear you need for a class 

  • t-shirt 

  • long sweat pants 

  • sneakers

  • extra t-shirt (to change after practice) 

  • bottled water

  • During warming up, foot work, games you allowed to wear shorts, sweat pants etc.

  • During any kind of drills, bouting, mission fencing, when you work with your saber and partner YOU MUST TO WEAR FENCING KNICKERS!



In order to be in Juniors class you have to meet 4 criteria:

  • to participate in beginners group at least 2 seasons

  • to have private lessons every week

  • to compete out of the club (to fence tournaments)

  • to show progress in sport of fencing and to aim to get high results (recreational vs. competitive)


See pricing information on pricing page.



  • Session 1 - September - October 

  • Session 2 - November - December 

  • Session 3 - January - February 

  • Session 4 - March - April 

  • Session 5 - May - June 

  • Session 6 - July - August

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