Vitaliy Tsvetkov - Coach

Al Girof - Head Coach/Club Owner

Vitaliy Dzhakhangirov

Vitaly is a young and energetic coach.  He has plenty of experience and the kids love him for his entertaining coaching style.  

Vitaliy's References

Alisher Dzhakhangirov

Al has lots of experience and is great with kids. He had coached many national finalists and is considered to be one of the in the field.

Al's References

"Vitaliy is a very good children's coach, adored by kids, valued by their parents, and respected by his friends."






- Sofia Velikaya

2016 Olympics Gold and Silver medalist

 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist

8 Time World Champion

All of Vitaly's references


Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

State University of Physical Education, Moscow, Russia

Theory and Methodology of Sports Training in Fencing

State University of Physical Education, Moscow, Russia

Coaching Experience

Integrity Fencing Studio, Coach

Chatham, NJ


New Jersey Fencing Alliance, Coach

Maplewood, NJ


En Garde Fencing Club (Tyshler's Fencing School)

Moscow, Russia





"Al is one of a small percentage of fencing coaches who has risen to the very top of his field. His record shows that he has extraordinary qualities and wide range of experience teaching children and adults."


- Zoran Tulum

Zeta Fencing Studio

Owner And Head Coach

USA Olympic Coach 2016-2020

USA National Coach 1989-1996, 2014

Fencing Coach, Stanford University 1997-1999

Fencing Coach, Harvard University 1985-1987

All of

Al's references


Bachelor of Arts in History


Tyshler's Fencing School Coaching Certification

State University of Physical Education, Moscow, Russia

Coaching Experience

Integrity Fencing Studio, Head Coach

Chatham, NJ


Cornell University Summer Program, Saber Coach

Ithaca, NY


Zeta Fencing Studio, Saber Coach

Natick, MA







April 2019 - Integrity Fencing Studio would like to welcome our newest coach, Coach Frank (Farkhad) Kassimov, to our club.


His achievements in fencing include:

  • World Bronze medalist

  • European Bronze medalist

  • Medalist of numerous National and International Fencing Tournaments

  • Coach of many World, National, and European medalists 

  • Graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Physical Education, Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Post-graduate from School of Coaches of David Tyshler, Moscow, Russia

  • Master of Sport of Soviet Union

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