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Coach Al's References

"Alisher is one of a small percentage of fencing coaches who has risen to the very top of his field. His record shows that he has extraordinary qualities and wide range of experience teaching children and adults."


- Zoran Tulum

Zeta Fencing Studio

Owner And Head Coach

USA Olympic Coach 2016-2020

USA National Coach 1989-1996, 2014

Fencing Coach, Stanford University 1997-1999

Fencing Coach, Harvard University 1985-198

"Athletes who had begun their training with coach Alisher became inspired to achieve distinctions."




- David Tyshler, PhD

World Championship Medalist

1956 Olympic Games Medalist  

USSR Olympic Coach

Honored Coach of Russia


"I am proud to have Alisher, a great coach and knowledgeable fencing analytic, as my friend."




- Aleksey Yakimenko 

6 Time World Champion

2004 Olympic Games Medalist 

10 Time European Championship Gold Medalist 

3 Time World Cup holder


"Alisher keeps me astonished by his exclusive team and competitive spirit, ability to work hard and quality of individual lessons."





- Aleksey Frosin

2000 Olympic Games Gold Medalist 

3 Time World Champion

5 Time European Championship Gold Medalist 

Russia National Coach 



"I really appreciate having him because I could discuss professional subjects and he is a friend to enjoy. The results of our joint work were reported in The Boston Globe."


- Vakho Iagorashvili

1988 Olympic Games Bronze Medalist World Champion

2000 USA Olympic Coach 

Penn State Epee Coach 

"Thank you so much for coming and helping me. "







- Andrew Mackiewicz

USA Cadet

National Team Member

Cadet World Championship Silver Medalist

Zeta Fencing Studio 

"Alisher is very well qualified and a highly motivated individual. He loves fencing and children love him a lot. I personally his student in fencing. His teaching style is extremely adaptable to suit any kind of students, from 6-years old to adults."







- Mikhail Povaliaev

Principal, St. Phillipe School Moscow, Russia 


"I highly value Alishers abilities as a fencing coach who can produce champions on both National and International levels. He worked with Alliance fencers who got a Gold medal at 2007 Summer National Team Championships. I value his individual approach to his students and fencing training in general. Alisher is a dedicated coach who has a tremendous love to the sport of fencing."
- Andrey Geva

Alliance Fencing Academy Owner and Head Coach

USA National Coach 2014

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